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Conergy charge controllers

The charge controllers of the ConergySCC eco product line are the best option for compact, stand-alone solar systems.
The Conergy SCC eco charge controller's centerpiece is a microprocessor which controls all security and information functions as well as guarantees optimal charge control.
Separate LEDs clearly show the battery's charge level, for example. This means the operator can determine the current operating status of his sistem at eny time. With their 3-stage charging process (boost, equalize, float), Conergy SCC eco charge controllers can also charge open and closed lead batteries. Flooded and gel batteries can also be use. In order to maximize the battery's life further still, the charge controllers als feature integrated temperature compensation. Furthermore, they also include acoustic warning signals for battery protection. The housing can either be installed directly onto a wall or onto a DIN top-hat rail.

Conergy SCC vision

Conergy SCC vision charge controllers offer convenience, safety and flexibility for small to medium range standalone solar power systems.

Convenience: Simple symbols and a graphic display make it easy to read the level of battery charge and the system operation at any time. Loads can be switched on and off automatically, using the programmable night-light function. An integrated data logger allows the operator to download and analyze system data with an optional data readout interface. This allows in-depth analysis of system performance.

Reability: All Conergy SCC vision charge controllers come with full electronic protection. All boards are spray coated with tropical protective coating, allowing them to be used in a wide range of climates. Acoustic alarms protect against ovoer-discharging the batteries and help maximize battery life. These can be set using a choise of three prameters: Voltage, state of charge, or adaptive - a "fuzzy logic" control that is particularly effective at protecting batteries.

Flexibility: In most solar power systems, energy is wasted if the batteries are fully charged during good irradiance conditions. Conergy SCC charge controllers can control special loads like a fridge which uses this wasted energy improving the overall system efficiency. Conergy SCC charge controllers can be used with both flooded cell and Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) sealed batteries and system voltages of 12 or 24 V.

Graphic display with state of charge indicator
Programmable loads function
Automatic 12/24 V detection
Choise of three over-discharge protecion modes
Acoustic alarm before load disconnection
Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)technology
3-stage (boost, equalize, float) battery charging
Integrated temperature compensation for battery charging
Full electronic protection
Tropicalized protective coating
Can accommodate cable size up to 16m2

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